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BackJack™ FLEX Back Support Brace

Hot and Cold Therapy

Microwave or Freeze

Focus compression over painful site
Bilateral Cinching Design
Unload Stressed Spinal Discs

DISC Technology

BackJack Flex™ System in one box - shown below

The Standard BackJack Flex™ System includes two hot/cold gel pads, one breathable foam pad, all in an attractive and educational box.

Each order comes with BackJack, 2 Hot/Cold Pads, Standard Pad. 
Effective for the treatment of a variety of causes of lumbar pain including muscle strains and spasms, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, and spondylolisthesis. Also helpful as a post-operative treatment for protection, compression, and cold therapy.
The BackJack Flex conforms better than ever to any body shape. As the cinching mechanism is engaged, the lumbar panel contours to the shape of the spine, providing stability and compression along the entire length of the panel. The unique design also automatically adjusts to wide hips or small waists.
• Unique bilateral cinching design to focus on pain site
• Rigid front and back panels
• Deep heat relief
• Cold therapy
• Breathable foam pad conforms to body shape


                  Weight 4.61 lbs
Size Waist Measurement Buy Online Item Number
Small 28-34" BS-37301
Medium/Large 34-44" BS-37303
X-Large 44-56" BS-37305
Waist Measurement

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