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4000 Year History Of Therapeutic Use of Magnets

The application of lodestones at acupuncture sites was written in the oldest Chinese medical texts dating back to 2000 B.C. Ancient Hindu religious scriptures believed to be 40 century old similarly refer to the treatment of diseases with lodestones.

The Greeks called them lapus-vivas (live-stones) and drew them from the fields rich in deposits of magnetic stones in southern Greece.

The Egyptians ascribed a variety of therapeutic uses to lodestones.

Electric eels and fish were used by Romans to treat arthritis and gout, and medieval doctors reported that magnets could cure melancholy, arthritis and baldness.

Timeless and Light Years Ahead!

These phenomena continued to be investigated by other scientists in subsequent centuries. The popularity of permanent magnets soared shortly after the Civil War. Convinced of their therapeutic benefits, hundreds of thousands continue to use them, particularly in Europe and the Orient. Today, Tectonic® magnets are regularly used by hundreds of touring golf professionals in addition to other sports celebrities in football and baseball for pain relief.

The current resurgence of popularity is also due in part, to the tidal wave of enthusiasm for alternative medicine and increasing evidence that magnets promote comfort. We have come a long way from lodestones.


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